Tailwind recently made me custom orthotics for cycling shoes. I ride a lot and have a high instep that requires more support than the thin and flat insoles provided with most cycling shoes. I have had expensive custom insoles made before, but they never really fit well in notoriously tight fitting cycling shoes. Aaron at Tailwind nailed it! As a cyclist himself, Aaron fully understood my issues (with both my feet and previous insoles) and produced a product that addressed them all. A perfect fit. Very light and thin while still providing the necessary support. The whole experience was excellent – Tailwind has a lovely office and a workshop producing all manner of impressive braces and orthotics right in house. Highly recommended.

Rob Parniak

Kris is so happy and excited about these new braces which is simply just fabulous!  It means he will wear them without a fight and the shoes… well he just couldn’t wait to show me how they work!  You made his day and mine too!  Thank-you so much for all you’ve done!   So very professional!!!

Kindest Regards


I am so grateful to Tailwind for supporting my recovery and getting me into a really good pair of knee braces. I’ve been coping with kneecaps that dislocate for several years. After a significant re-injury this spring, I was unable to walk for 2 months. Aaron got me into a brace that gave me the stability I needed to start walking again. Once I’d recovered further, he worked with me to find the best long term braces for my problem. I’d tried several on my own previously, with little success. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and knew what to ask and test to find me the right braces. I’m now experiencing more stability than I have in years, thanks to my new braces from Tailwind!

Kay C

“Aaron is simply the best there is!.. for 15 years i have been going to see him for my orthotic needs, and you simply will never find a more intuitive orthotist, who listens to all your needs and goals..and makes it happen with the orthotics he provides. Their service is GOLD.”

Jeff W

“I saw Aaron after recovering from a broken ankle which turned severely arthritic preventing me from getting outside doing what I enjoy, even walking was a challenge. After Aaron made a custom brace for me, I was back mountain biking and enjoying life again.”